40 Questions

When I decided to start a ‘lifestyle’ blog I knew I had a lot to say but didn’t know how to say it or where to start. Especially as my life now revolves around pacifying or feeding an 8 week old baby – infact as I sit and write this I’m anxiously glancing at her baby monitor just waiting for her to wake up – I simply don’t have the time to do what I would like right now.

As I’ve stumbled upon the 40 Questions post over at Feet Meet World I thought this would be an ideal mindless way to ease you all in!

1.Three words about me: Friendly, Awkward, Meticulous…that’s the polite way of saying I like things done a certain way, just ask my poor boyfriend

2. The first thing I do in the morning: Check my phone to see what time it is and pray it’s after 6am

3. When I hear music on the radio: I start singing! Doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with

4. I’m looking forward to: Seeing my baby blossom into a healthy happy little human who does all the cuddles and kisses

5. My wardrobe is full of: Maxi dresses and black. I got all the black.

6. When I have to get dressed up: You better believe I will have a meltdown if I don’t have a minimum of 2.5 hours and something to wear I feel comfortable in!

7. I’m passionate about: Food! We’re the annoying foodie family who posts pictures of food on social media all the time occasionally scattered with dog and now baby.

8. A little secret about me:  I suffer from very low energy, before I had Olivia I would sleep 10-12 hours every single night and be in a constant state of tiredness during the day. I feel hungover if I get any less so motherhood is even more challenging due to the way it affects my mood.

9: I feel at my best: When I’m eating healthy and working out. It’s a cliche but for mindfulness, nothing makes you feel better and more positive. It’s so mentally invigorating but unfortunately, just like everyone else, it’s easy to get stuck in a lazy junk filled rut.

10. In the coffee shop I order: Americana or espresso…hit me with the strong stuff!

11. In the bar I order: Coke! I’m not a seasoned drinker like I once was although since having Olivia I have acquired a taste on our weekly ‘night off’ for Stella Cidre Raspberry

12. In a group of friends I am: usually trying very hard to not feel out of place and be confident. I did say I was awkward!

13. Within the family, I am: the spoiled one.

14. I can not live without: My boyfriend Joe. He’s my rock.

15. Children are: The future.

16. At night: I’m sleeping or wanting to be asleep. Night is for sleep.

17. In my bag I have: Purse, keys, lipstick, a mountain of dirty old receipts I seem to collect periodically before finally throwing out…

18. Training is: Exercise? I don’t know.

19. Policies are: Necessary, imagine the world with no order.

20. Love is: The most encompassing, challenging but rewarding feeling in the world.

21. In Autumn: You get to wear all the scarves…ALL THE SCARVES. ALL THE TIME.

22. By my bedside I have: A Dyson Hot and Cool fan and some Infacol for those night feeds.

23. In the kitchen I: Would spend all of my time if I could.

24. I’m worst at: Relaxing. I love sunbathing or going to a spa – for all of ten minutes.

25. I’m best at: Losing my glasses. Luckily Joe is the best at finding them so together I get to see properly, which is always useful. Velma from Scooby Doo is an amateur.

26. I love: My family more than anything in this world. Closely followed by pizza in any flavour shape or form.

27. What I want with my life: To be someone my daughter looks up to.

28. I admire: People who chase their dreams.

29. The best thing I know: Your feelings are a snapshot of that time in your life. They’ll change. Use that if you every feel in a rut and need to empower yourself.

30. Unusual habit: I don’t think I have any unusual habits, is that unusual?

31. I am a member of: Nothing at the moment but I have been in and out of the professional body for the industry I work in.

32. I believe in: Equality. Life is too short to spread hatred on each other. Focus on yourself.

33. You may not know that: I lived with a Jewish family in London for 2 months when I was younger. You can always see people not knowing what to say when I share that.

34. In the evening I: Try to unwind with Youtube and blogs.

35. As a friend, I am: Loyal.

36. When I have free time: I love reading food blogs and recipe books and trying new things.

37. When I’m at work: I’m 100mph.

38. You’re allowed to lie if: It’s for the greater good and not selfish gain.

39. In five years I am: Five years wiser.

40. In ten years I am: Old.

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